Our Areas
of Service


Medical Studies

If you have an ongoing study, Biorrex Research will help you pick it up from where you need help. No need to struggle too much when you get burned out.


Medical Monitoring

We monitor the safety of subjects of Clinical Trials. Our team of Safety Experts are armed with procedures and knowledge of the process.


Study Rescue/Startup

We help Companies and Research fellows beat the hassle of starting up work. We also help Clients who are burned out regain momentum. 


Clinical Trials

We help monitor your Clinical Trials to ensure you have a second eye and every aspect is being done by the book. We also help in documentation and filing.


Pre-Clinical Phase

We help Researchers and Inventors develop standards for research as well as get the right subject for studies. This impacts the effectiveness of Researches greatly.


Clinical Trial Monitoring

We follow up trials with monitoring to ensure standard and best practices. Alot can be achieved through real-time monitoring by utilizing the appropriate tools to provide adequate oversight of clinical trials.


Project and Data Management

What is a good research without proper process and Data Management? Our answer is nothing. That is why we do everything to help in this regard.

Project Management

A trial is like any other project. If goals, methods and procedures are not created and kept well, there will be no point in the first place. Biorrex Research covers this loophole.


Data Management

Having conducted a study with human resources, time and capital, it is only wise to ensure Data is collected and stored properly to ensure that results obtained are communicated.